Adding Custom Presence to Lync

November 5, 2010 by · 111 Comments 

Office Communicator has supported the customization of up to 4 additional presence states for some times, and there are many articles all over the Internet on this topic.  But I have not yet seen one specifically for Lync, so here is a brief overview. Basically the same configuration steps are used as what Office Communicator […]

Lync 2010 RTM Announced

October 28, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

Late last night Microsoft released the statement that many IT professional, directors, and CIOs have been waiting nearly a year to hear: the slated public release of Lync Server 2010.  As the Release To Manufacturing (RTM) milestone has been reached this means that all code changes are completely locked, the interfaces of the client and […]

Exchange 2010 SP1 UM Unsupported with OCS 2007

October 22, 2010 by · 2 Comments 

Now before anyone has a heart-attack due to the title pay special attention to the fact that ‘R2’ is strategically left out.  The full UM integration is still fine for Office Communications Server 2007 R2 and Lync Server 2010, only the original (aka R1) release of OCS is impacted. This statement is confirmed by the […]

Lync 2010 Client Connections are TLS Only

October 3, 2010 by · 12 Comments 

The Advanced Connection Settings under the Lync 2010 RC client’s Personal Options still shows the old Connect Using TCP/TLS radio buttons, but those options are greyed-out even if Manual Configuration is selected. This is actually a bug in the Release Candidate version of the client and will be removed in final release version, which will […]

Lync Server 2010 Deployment – Part 3

October 1, 2010 by · 46 Comments 

This blog post is part 3 of a multi-article series and is a continuation of this previous article: Lync Server 2010 Deployment – Part 2 Update:  This process is identical to (and has been tested with) the public release version of Lync Server 2010. The next step is to enable a few existing user Active […]

Lync 2010 Address Book Normalization

September 30, 2010 by · 62 Comments 

As discussed in a past article the Address Book Normalization process of OCS is a barely-documented and often misunderstood process.  The objective of this blog article is to explain how this process works now in Lync Server 2010. Overall the process is generally the same, but with a few minor changes that impact both how […]

Updating the Lync 2010 Address Book

September 28, 2010 by · 104 Comments 

The overall process is basically the same as what Office Communications Server does, but with added flexibility of easily customizing some of the timing of the different events.  The entire process happens over time based on a number of intervals, and by default looks like this: Changes performed on Active Directory objects are automatically synchronized […]

Lync Server 2010 Deployment – Part 2

September 23, 2010 by · 38 Comments 

This blog post is part 2 of a multi-article series and is a continuation of this previous article: Lync Server 2010 Deployment – Part 1 Where Part 1 left off was just shy of deploying the Standard Edition server itself as most of the back-end configuration was completed.  A few additional steps will be left […]

Lync Server 2010 Deployment – Part 1

September 13, 2010 by · 51 Comments 

Now that the general public has access to the Release Candidate software for Lync Server 2010 it is now appropriate to cover the deployment process in depth. The purpose of this article is to take a look at what the installation process actually does in order to generate a deeper understanding of the product. Not […]

Lync 2010 Client Unsupported with OCS

September 13, 2010 by · 8 Comments 

With this yesterday’s release of the Lync 2010 Release Candidate software to the general public I’m already seeing people attempting to use the Lync client to sign-in to an existing Office Communication Server 2007 R2 server. This is understandable as everyone wants to try out the new client and explore the new look and feel, […]

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