Live Meeting 2007 has the ability to record meetings, capturing audio, video, and other shared content for archival and later viewing.  When in a meeting the presenter can behind recording content and select where they want to save the output to.

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The main disadvantage with the recorded content has been the portability (or lack thereof) of the captured content.  Live Meeting will save the recording across literally hundreds of files scattered through multiple folders.  The Live Meeting Recording Manager can then be used to view recent recordings which is played back in Internet Explorer.

Well now there is a new tool called the Recording Converter which was just released by Microsoft that will take the saved content and convert it into a single .WMV file

Using the converter is as simple as pointing the source folder location to the My Meeting subfolder containing the recording you want to convert, and then selecting the resolution and what type of video is used, if applicable.  Converting a 3 minute presentation containing video, audio and a shared slide deck took only about 30 seconds to process. I did notice the total recording size did grow from 3.3MB for all folder contents to 8MB for the individual Windows media file.

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