OCS R2 Edge Bombshell

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Yes, you read this correctly: In a single-server Edge deployment a private IP address is now supported on the A/V Edge Role.  It is still recommended to use a public IP address and is still not supported for scaled Edge deployments, but through some magical alignment of the stars (or more likely some work by […]

New Server Roles and Client Features in OCS R2

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One of the biggest complaints I’ve seen with OCS was the large number of servers required when deploying all the components, even in consolidated scenarios.  And although with new features come yet even more server roles, one change was made that actually helps reduce server footprint in smaller deployments. Monitoring Server With OCS 2007 to […]

OCS 2007 Setup and Administration Delegation

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I little used portion of the OCS installation wizard is the ability to delegate some access rights to specific user accounts so that remote or junior administrators can deploy OCS components on server in a environment without actually needed to have full administrative rights. Launch the OCS 2007 Deployment Wizard and (depending on if it’s […]

My Favorite OCS Telephony Devices

October 5, 2008 by · 2 Comments 

At the moment I have a few too many OCS-specific telephony devices on my desk: a Polycom CX700 handset (aka the Tanjay), an LG-Nortel IP8540 handset (aka the Catalina), an LG-Nortel IP8502 Bluetooth headset, a couple generic USB headsets, and the latest edition: the Polycom Communicator CX100 speakerphone. On any given day I’m either working […]