Using the Microsoft Notes Connector to Synchronize with Mail-Enabled Objects

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In a previous blog entry I covered how to use object filtering with the Microsoft Notes Connector.  There was a reason I ran into that situation in the first place which was planning a migration from Notes to Exchange using the Notes Connector, but with a catch: I had already created new accounts in the […]

A Look at Forefront Security for OCS 2007

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I finally had a chance to test drive the beta version of the upcoming Forefront Security release specifically for Office Communications Server 2007 (FSOCS).  I deployed this in my lab, co-locating it on an existing Standard Edition server in an internal network segment. To download the public beta release: Forefront Security for Office Communications Server […]

Disabling Instant Messaging in OCS

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In the past I’ve heard at least a few discussions regarding administrators looking for a way to disable instant message functionality in Office Communications Server 2007.  Some may want to block IM from certain workstations, while others may be looking to deploy OCS as a Presence-only application. Or possibly even as a contact management solution […]

Clarification on OCS Edge Interface Support

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A question that comes up almost weekly in the TechNet discussion forums is: "Can I use only one network card in my Edge server?" Background A definitive answer has always been difficult to nail down as my testing, other user’s experiences, different Microsoft documents, and some other sources all seem to slightly contradict each other.  […]