The next round of quarterly Lync Users Group meetings has been scheduled and announced for this month.


Event Details

This meeting will be conducted in our familiar two-session format:

The first session, presented by Integrated Research, will be a deep dive into Monitoring Applications in Skype for Business.

The second session will start with a review of existing and newly launched Skype for Business Qualified Devices to be followed by an Open Discussion Forum (time permitting). 

Industry Experts will be on-site to deliver these presentations and help answer any questions related to Lync.  Food, beverages and additional door prizes will be provided courtesy of the Lync Users Group and its official sponsors.

Western U.S.

Central U.S.

Southern U.S.

Eastern U.S.


For a full schedule of regional events the Lync Users Group Locations page lists all planned event locations with links to the associated page for each regional group.  For current members if your region’s event is not yet scheduled just make sure that your notification options are configured so that you’ll get an alert when the new event is posted.  For anyone who is not yet a member and would like to participate simply create a new Meetup account (or use an existing one) and join your local group.

Chicago Event

As usual I will be hosting the Chicago event downtown.  Food will be ready at 5:30 so come early if you can to spend time socializing with the group before the presentations begin at 6:00.

Date Location Address
Tuesday, October 20th
5:30PM – Food and Networking 
6:00 PM – Presentation Kickoff
Chicago UC Users Group Microsoft Technology Center 
200 East Randolph Drive, Suite 200 
Chicago, IL 60601

By Jeff Schertz

Site Administrator

6 thoughts on “October 2015 Lync Users Group”
  1. Jeff,

    I have recently purchased 12 CX600 Lync Phones of which work perfect inside of my 1 floor network. But my network is connected to a few offsite locations where there is no DHCP server setup and the PC’s just have static IP’s configured to their router Gateway and my DNS IP listed. Come to find out the CX600 line requires a DHCP and has no way to manually input the required IP’s.

    So my question is, are their any Lync Phones that would allow me to manually input the required IP’s ie Gateway and DNS? If so do you think they would work in my situation.

    I am asking this question here because I did not know where else to ask it. Every time I called Polycom it seems that they do not answer any technical questions unless you are a certified reseller…

  2. Hi Jeff,

    Great post and great blog. Sir let me know that can I use VVX 400 out of these locations. I would like to use it in the Asia region. If your answer is yes then let me know how can I use it. Right now i am getting “3790” error over the phone screen. I don’t have access of “Web User interface” through IP address. Because these passwords are not working “456”, “1473699”, “123” and Mac address.

    Updater: 5.1.40844
    Version 4..1.4.7430

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