Lync Remote User Definition

July 30, 2013 by · 4 Comments 

This article is a brief clarification about a topic that still occasionally leads to some confusion going back to the original release of Office Communications Server.  Basically the wording of one of the options contained in the External Access Policy settings of OCS or Lync Server is oddly written and tends to describe behavior that […]

Understanding Lync 2013 Mobility

July 17, 2013 by · 84 Comments 

The Microsoft TechNet documentation covering Technical Requirement for Mobility includes a statement explaining that “all mobility service traffic goes through the reverse proxy, regardless of where the origination point is” but does not explain exactly how this is achieved. This article will explain and demonstrate how both Lync 2010 and 2013 mobility clients are designed […]

July 2013 Lync Users Group Meeting

June 30, 2013 by · 5 Comments 

The third event of year’s quarterly Lync Users Group meetings has been scheduled and announced for July. Presentations will be provided on the following two topics: SIP Academy (Presented by Audio Codes) This session will include what SIP is, how is SIP used within Microsoft Lync, and a walk-through of many SIP messages you see […]

Understanding Lync Video Quality Reports

June 25, 2013 by · 18 Comments 

In any Lync Server environment, be it in a test lab or a production deployment, the Monitoring Server role and its accompanying reports should be considered a key component.  With improvements in Lync 2013 this role is even easier to deploy than in past versions, providing for a wide array of data captured by endpoints […]

Updating Lync Phone Edition Devices for Lync 2013

May 31, 2013 by · 41 Comments 

This article is a brief update to the process previously documented for Lync Server 2010.  In Lync Server 2013 the Device Update service is unchanged and the steps shown in that article are still applicable, so why the need for a new post on this subject? Background It is important to understand that although Lync […]

HD Video in Lync 2013

May 29, 2013 by · 58 Comments 

In Office Communications Server 2007 and Lync Server 2010 the usage of high definition video was straightforward.  The Real-Time Video (RTV) codec used primarily throughout those client and server versions provides for only a single HD resolution at 720p and was utilized in very specific scenarios, as documented in this previous article. But with the […]

Provisioning Polycom SIP Phones

May 15, 2013 by · 135 Comments 

The process documented in this article can be used in any Lync 2010 or 2013 environment to setup a centralized provisioning server for managing Polycom SIP phones running Polycom Unified Communications Software (UCS). This article is not intended to replace or accompany any official Polycom documentation.  Instead this process alone can be used to deploy […]

April 2013 Lync Users Group Meeting

April 7, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

The second round of quarterly Lync Users Group meetings for 2013 have been scheduled and announced for this month. Presentations will be provided on two topics: Lync 2013 Mobility and Lync 2013 Video & Interoperability. A local UC expert will be on hand to present on Mobility while a Polycom Solutions Architect will be providing […]

Lync Server 2013 Deployment – Part 2

March 22, 2013 by · 96 Comments 

Continuing from Part 1 of the series this article covers the installation and configuration of the Lync Server components on a Standard Edition Front End server.  As with the previous article any mandatory steps are identified by bulleted paragraphs while additional steps for validation and knowledge transfer are optional. Install Lync Server System The next […]

Lync Server 2013 Deployment – Part 1

March 16, 2013 by · 64 Comments 

As provided in the past this series of basic deployment articles will be used to capture a specific environment used as the foundation for many other Lync Server 2013 specific deployment articles.  Starting with a single Standard Edition Lync Server in a fresh Active Directory forest future articles will build on this deployment with additional […]

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