There have been a few minor changes to the Administration Tools for OCS in R2.  Firstly, the original release of OCS would automatically install the associated OCS Management console snap-in on each server role, but in R2 the management tools must now be installed manually.  (One caveat is that the Group Chat Server Configuration Tool is automatically installed on a Group Chat Server.)

The primary way to do this is simply run the R2 Deployment Wizard and choose the Administrative Tools task on the right hand side.


Additionally this can be installed directly from the MSI file located at:


But since the deployment wizard for OCS 2007 R2 only includes 64-bit components the options above will only work on 64-bit operating systems.  So if you want to install the x86 version of the Administrative Tools on a 32-bit Window Server, then you’ll need to install a different package which is located in the install media at:


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