Discovering the Skype for Business Registrar

May 30, 2017 by · 13 Comments 

This brief article walks through some common steps which can be used to locate the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of a Lync or Skype for Business registrar from either on-premises or online environments.  (This content was originally to be part of another article but was split into a separate post for easier reference.) This […]

Viewing Lync User Telephony Modes in PowerShell

May 22, 2012 by · 5 Comments 

A question was recently asked in the TechNet Lync Server forums which seemed unique enough to warrant a quick blog article based on the fact that it did take a few minutes to explain the response. When using the basic Get-CsUser cmdlet in Lync Server, as with many other “Get” cmdlets, not all of the […]

Forcing Lync Web App

November 8, 2011 by · 27 Comments 

This article is nothing new to anyone intimately familiar with the TechNet documentation and the various Lync Server configuration settings but is more of an attempt to consolidate various notes and tips from different online sources as well as present a detailed look at each available configuration scenario for the Online Meeting join web page […]

Wireshark Capture Tips

October 5, 2011 by · 16 Comments 

Using tools like Network Monitor and Wireshark are common place when dealing with troubleshooting issues in Lync Server or when simply attempting to better understand some specific behavior. As Wireshark is more commonly deployed and often already installed on customer’s servers then it can be beneficial to understand a few basic quirks so that one […]

Using the Lync Logging Tool

June 9, 2011 by · 32 Comments 

This article will mainly serve as a field-reference in which customers can use to follow specific steps to capture SIP diagnostic logging and properly package it for review by anyone other than Microsoft’s Product Support team. Although there are already a number of how-to articles on using the native logging tools for OCS and Lync […]

Forcing Lync Address Book Web Query

November 27, 2010 by · 26 Comments 

One of the new features in Lync Server is the ability to use the Address Book Web Query (ABWQ) component in place of the default Address Book Service (ABS) for the standard Lync client. By default only the Lync Phone Edition, Web App, and Mobile clients will leverage real-time web-query based searches against the Lync […]

Adding Custom Presence to Lync

November 5, 2010 by · 111 Comments 

Office Communicator has supported the customization of up to 4 additional presence states for some times, and there are many articles all over the Internet on this topic.  But I have not yet seen one specifically for Lync, so here is a brief overview. Basically the same configuration steps are used as what Office Communicator […]

Lync 2010 Address Book Normalization

September 30, 2010 by · 64 Comments 

As discussed in a past article the Address Book Normalization process of OCS is a barely-documented and often misunderstood process.  The objective of this blog article is to explain how this process works now in Lync Server 2010. Overall the process is generally the same, but with a few minor changes that impact both how […]

Updating the Lync 2010 Address Book

September 28, 2010 by · 107 Comments 

The overall process is basically the same as what Office Communications Server does, but with added flexibility of easily customizing some of the timing of the different events.  The entire process happens over time based on a number of intervals, and by default looks like this: Changes performed on Active Directory objects are automatically synchronized […]

OCS Deployment Log Tips

August 25, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

These are some pretty basic notes, but worth calling out for the benefit of users new to the OCS Deployment Wizard.  Troubleshooting deployment issues is pretty common and the logs are the best place to start from. During the various setup wizards in OCS each step typically concludes with a window reporting either successful or […]

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