By popular request here is an updated article, similar to that of the living Updating Lync 2013 article, which will track the various Skype for Business client and server updates.  Note that as with the previous article the various mobile clients are omitted mainly due to their update frequency and little value the historical data really provides.

Server Updates


As Microsoft only provides the latest releases for the server components then the following two links are always updated with the most recent information and can be used as a definitive source of the latest server updates.

Unlike Lync Server 2013 which provided both individual component package downloads and the entire installer package only the complete installer package (SkypeServerupdateInsaller.exe) is available for Skype for Business Server 2015.



Just as with applying updates to Lync servers the same basic guidance exists for Skype for Business servers:

  • Download and run the the SkypeServerUpdateInstaller shown above.
  • Start inside-out and work from Front End servers toward Edge servers.
  • Do not forget to update and verify the backend SQL database for each Enterprise Edition pool that is patched

Component History

For occasions when working with the individual packages is desired then the following table covers each cumulative update release with links to the original Knowledge Base articles for each new component.

This matrix provides a visual aid to when and how often some of the various Lync components are updated as cumulative releases will typically not refresh every single server component.  The official package version numbers will always be in the format of but the 5.0 has been truncated fro the following table for spacing purposes.


Jun 15
Sep 15
Nov 15
Mar 26
Jun 16
Nov 16
Feb 17
May 17
Dec 17
Jan 18
Mar 18
Core Components 3051958 3098601 3097644 3134259 3149226 3199088 3207502 4012620 4036311 4075225
Front End Server and Edge Server 3061059 3097645 3134260 3149227 3199093 3207506 4012621 4036312 4086059
Enterprise Web App 3061058 3097647 4018462 4036317
Web Components Server 3051960 3098600 3097642 3134262 3149228 3199094 3207503 4012622 4036314 4075222
UC Managed API 5.0 Runtime 3063353 3097649 3149232 3199095 3207504 4012657 4036310 4086058
Response Group Service 3063352 3097643 3134265 3149229 4012655
Conferencing Server 3097708 3149233 3199092 3207505 4012654 4074702
Conferencing Attendant 3097646 3134264 3199091
Conferencing Announcement 4012656
Group Call Pickup 3124205
Performance Counters 3097648 3134266 3149231
Busy Options 3137160
Mediation Server 3149234 3199096 4074704
Video Interop Server 3149235 4036315
Web Conferencing Server 3199090 4036318
Persistent Chat Server 3199097 4012653 4036316
Bandwidth Policy Service 4012658

Client Updates

The client versions listed in this article are only applicable for the Windows Installer (MSI) packages which are still made available by Microsoft to Volume License customers .  The newer Click to Run (C2R) distribution model (explained in more detail here) is now the favored method of providing Office software updates and will not be recorded in this article.  As these updates are released much more frequently it would be a dauntless task to keep up to date, as well as a bit pointless as environments leveraging C2R are not really concerned with understanding and managing periodic updates

Skype for Business 2016 Windows Client

The following table lists major 16.x client version update packages with links directly to the download pages for the clients for each processing architecture (32-bit versus 64-bit).  Be aware that Microsoft recommends using the 32-bit version software in most cases, even on 64-bit platform.

Release Date Version Number Type KB Article Client Prerequisite
September 30, 2015 16.0.4288.1000 Security Update KB2910994 x86 | x64
November 10, 2015 16.0.4300.1001 Security Update KB3085634 x86 | x64  
December 8, 2015 16.0.4312.1000 Security Update KB3114372 x86 | x64  
January 12, 2016 16.0.4324.1000 Update KB3114516 x86 | x64 16.0.4312.1000
February 9, 2016 16.0.4339.1000 Update KB3114696 x86 | x64 16.0.4312.1000
March 8, 2016 16.0.4351.1000 Update KB3114846 x86 | x64 16.0.4312.1000
April 12, 2016 16.0.4363.1000 Security Update KB3114960 x86 | x64 16.0.4312.1000
June 9, 2016 16.0.4393.1002 Update KB3115087 x86 | x64 16.0.4312.1000
July 5, 2016 16.0.4405.1000 Update KB3115268 x86 | x64 16.0.4312.1000
August 9, 2016 16.0.4417.1000 Security Update KB3115408 x86 | x64 16.0.4312.1000
September 6, 2016 16.0.4432.1000 Update KB3118288 x86 | x64 16.0.4312.1000
October 11, 2016 16.0.4444.1000 Security Update KB3118327 x86 | x64 16.0.4312.1000
November 1, 2016 16.0.4456.1001 Update KB3127939 x86 | x64 16.0.4312.1000
December 6, 2016 16.0.4471.1000 Update KB3127980 x86 | x64  
February 7, 2017 16.0.4498.1002 Update KB3141501 x86 | x64  
March 14, 2017 16.0.4510.1000 Security Update KB3178656 x86 | x64  
April 4, 2017 16.0.4522.1000 Update KB3178717 x86 | x64  
May 9, 2017 16.0.4534.1000 Security Update KB3191858 x86 | x64
June 13, 2017 16.0.4549.1000 Security Update KB3203382 x86 | x64
July 5, 2017 16.0.4561.1000 Update KB3213548 x86 | x64
September 12, 2017 16.0.4588.1000 Security Update KB4011040 x86 | x64
October 10, 2017 16.0.4600.1000 Security Update KB4011159 x86 | x64
November 7, 2017 16.0.4615.1000 Update KB4011238 x86 | x64
December 5, 2017 16.0.4627.1000 Update KB4011563 x86 | x64
January 2, 2018 16.0.4639.1001 Update KB4011623 x86 | x64
February 6, 2018 16.0.4654.1000 Update KB4011662 x86 | x64
March 6, 2018 16.0.4666.1000 Update KB4011725 x86 | x64
April 3, 2018 16.0.4678.1000 Update KB4018323 x86 | x64

Skype for Business 2016 Mac Client

Details on the each version of the Mac client can be found on the Whatโ€™s New in Skype for Business 2016 page.  A list of releases and feature for Office Insider programs can also be found here.

Release Date Version Number Download
October 27, 2016 (RTM) SkypeForBusinessInstaller-
November 22, 2016 SkypeForBusinessInstaller-
December 12, 2016 SkypeForBusinessInstaller-
February 6, 2017 SkypeForBusinessInstaller-
March 28 , 2017 SkypeForBusinessInstaller-
May 2, 2017 SkypeForBusinessInstaller-
June 20, 2017 SkypeForBusinessInstaller-
August 2, 2017 SkypeForBusinessInstaller-
August 30, 2017 SkypeForBusinessInstaller-
October 5, 2017 SkypeForBusinessInstaller-
October 31, 2017 SkypeForBusinessInstaller-
November 8, 2017 SkypeForBusinessInstaller-
December 7, 2017 SkypeForBusinessInstaller-
January 31, 2018 SkypeForBusinessInstaller-
Feburary 28, 2018 SkypeForBusinessInstaller-
April 3, 2018 SkypeForBusinessInstaller-

Skype for Business 2015 Windows Client Updates

A current listing of Skype for Business 2015 (15.x) client updates is still maintained in the Updating Lync 2013 article.

By Jeff Schertz

Site Administrator

28 thoughts on “Skype for Business Updates”
  1. Jeff, my version of Skype for Business 2016 is 16.0.6828.1016 64-bit. When I view my Configuration Information, the MAPI Information shows “MAPI Unavailable”. This problem has been document in Microsoft Article ID: 3147130 (

    Are you aware of any to automate the deployment of the workaround or if Microsoft is planning on releasing a proper fix? Thanks.

      1. hmmmz i’m looking for the same, not able the get the legacy DN automated, need to deploy it for 1000+ users….

  2. Hi Jeff Schertz!

    My name is Sergio and I have a question for you. (Sorry about my English)

    I have created an UCMA (C#) Application in order to make a Chat Support between Clients (UCMA App) and Agents (Skype for Business 2015). Trusted Application Pool, Servers, and Config. is all good establish.

    At the moment, i have a Desktop Application and I can create different Chat Windows with the same UserEndpoint in order to chatting at the same time with an differents Available Agents (Skype4B) but always 1-to-1.

    The question is, if I can with the same UserEndpoint create 2 different Chat Window (for example, Client1 and Client2) to chatting with the same Skype4B Contact and received the messeges for the Clients in a different Skype conversation (different window or lash) or I need to have 2 different UserEndpoints???

    Thank you in Advance.


      1. Hmm, well.. okay then. I hope this comment raises some interest in this topic, and will lead to a solution in the near future.

        1. There is now a solution!

          Install Sfb 2016 basic v2016.04 fom here:

          (if you have RTM Sfb basic, uninistall it first)
          Then you can install Sfb2016 CU 2016.06 from here:

          And this time it will apply the update instead of just throwing some nonsense error message. And voila, you have ABS in Sfb2016 basic + all the fixes that was solved in the big Sfb2016 clients months ago. Enjoy!

  3. Hello,

    Are the S4B 2016 client updates cumulative?
    Because I have a .bat file to apply all updates:

    @echo off
    SET LOC=%~dp0
    SET LOC=%LOC:~0,-1%
    echo Applying updates now… please wait.
    %LOC%\lync2016-kb2910994-fullfile-x86-glb.exe /norestart /quiet
    %LOC%\lync2016-kb3085634-fullfile-x86-glb.exe /norestart /quiet
    %LOC%\lync2016-kb3114372-fullfile-x86-glb.exe /norestart /quiet
    %LOC%\lync2016-kb3114516-fullfile-x86-glb.exe /norestart /quiet
    %LOC%\lync2016-kb3114696-fullfile-x86-glb.exe /norestart /quiet
    %LOC%\lync2016-kb3114846-fullfile-x86-glb.exe /norestart /quiet
    %LOC%\lync2016-kb3114960-fullfile-x86-glb.exe /norestart /quiet
    %LOC%\lync2016-kb3115087-fullfile-x86-glb.exe /norestart /quiet
    %LOC%\lync2016-kb3115268-fullfile-x86-glb.exe /norestart /quiet
    %LOC%\lync2016-kb3115408-fullfile-x86-glb.exe /norestart /quiet
    %LOC%\lync2016-kb3118288-fullfile-x86-glb.exe /norestart /quiet
    %LOC%\lync2016-kb3118327-fullfile-x86-glb.exe /norestart /quiet
    %LOC%\lync2016-kb3127939-fullfile-x86-glb.exe /norestart /quiet
    %LOC%\lync2016-kb3127980-fullfile-x86-glb.exe /norestart /quiet
    %LOC%\lync2016-kb3128049-fullfile-x86-glb.exe /norestart /quiet
    echo Done.
    echo ***GO TO YOUR OPEN PROGRAMS NOW and SAVE your work!***
    echo When you press any key, your PC will reboot.
    echo After rebooting click RESTART NOW button if prompted (it only restarts Lync).
    shutdown -r -f -t 00

    …and I”m sort of getting tired of adding one every month ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks in advance…

    1. Yes they are cumulative, going back to a certain point. You can see in the table where any older version prerequisites exist. You don’t have to keep installing all of those packages.

    1. did you ever find out the cause of โ€œSUCCESS: Found the main process.โ€ when running the SKype CU??

      1. Just in case anyone comes looking for the answer to this here, that message is telling you that the process is already running and it’s not going to spawn another, so you have to kill it in taskman before you can run it again.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hi Jeff. We have been awaiting release of Skype for Business Server CU5, as this was supposed to provide support for running SfB 2015 on Windows Server 2016. The “May 2017” cumulative update was just released, however Microsoft has not updated support guidance for Skype for Business Server 2015:

    Could you please confirm whether Microsoft now supports SfB server 2015 on Windows Server 2016? Thanks.

  5. Can you download the old updates / components from 2/17 separately ? It looks like you can only download the most recent updates.

  6. I’ve observed that even if you update a client machine using a cumulative update package, such as KB4011040, it might not affect the Skype client at all.

    I did a test:
    * Create a VM running Windows Server 2012 R2 (this was the only OS I could provision without having to manually install it)
    * Do NOT install ANY Office software.
    * Install the RTM Skype for Business client. The client reports itself as 16.0.4266.1001.
    * Install KB4011040 and reboot
    * The client now STILL reports itself as 16.0.4266.1001
    * Check for updates (MS Update) and install all Office updates, even if they are for non Skype products. There are about 50 updates, and they are for Excel, Outlook, Word, Publisher, Visio etc.
    * The client now reports itself as 16.0.4546.1000.

    So there are a lot of dependencies that Microsoft do not inform you about directly (the KB pages do not list any other components as prerequisites).
    And why don’t MS provide the Skype rollups through MS Update?

  7. Hi Jeff,

    I see the question is asked briefly above but is there really no way to apply an earlier CU? We have a bunch of Polycom RealPresence endpoints. The latest Polycom firmware only supports CU Feb 2017 (We are currently running CU June 2016). Any advice for this situation?


  8. Hi ,

    I have a question .. All our machines have 16.0.4266.1001 version of SKype client shown in Control Panel->add remove programs, however when I go to skype -> help-> about it shows 16.0.4549.1000

    is 16.0.4266.1001 still supported ? I do not see that in the list provided by you in the article

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