Lync Server 2013 Deployment – Part 2

March 22, 2013 by · 96 Comments 

Continuing from Part 1 of the series this article covers the installation and configuration of the Lync Server components on a Standard Edition Front End server.  As with the previous article any mandatory steps are identified by bulleted paragraphs while additional steps for validation and knowledge transfer are optional. Install Lync Server System The next […]

Lync Server 2013 Deployment – Part 1

March 16, 2013 by · 65 Comments 

As provided in the past this series of basic deployment articles will be used to capture a specific environment used as the foundation for many other Lync Server 2013 specific deployment articles.  Starting with a single Standard Edition Lync Server in a fresh Active Directory forest future articles will build on this deployment with additional […]

Breaking Down the Lync File Share

March 1, 2013 by · 50 Comments 

This article outlines the default folder structure and permissions created on the File Share when deploying a Lync 2013 Server Front End server or pool.  Optional Lync services (like Persistent Chat) can trigger the creation of additional folders in the directory but for the purposes of this article only the default folders for a Standard […]

Certificate Revocation in Lync 2013

February 28, 2013 by · 15 Comments 

With the introduction of new clients and services throughout Office 365, Lync Server 2013, and Office Web App Server there is now an even higher level of security enforced in relation to using SSL certificates.  In the past Office Communicator and Lync clients would not require availability of revocation status for a certificate that was […]

Lync Server ‘Certificate Cliff’

January 29, 2013 by · 26 Comments 

The average human interpretation of the Mayan calendar may have proven grossly inaccurate regarding the significance of the date of December 21, 2012 but there is now a new date to be genuinely concerned about which will actually have a real impact on at least some of our lives: November 1, 2015. As pointed out […]

Lync 2013 Web Conferencing Upload Limit

December 20, 2012 by · 8 Comments 

This article shows how to customize the file size limit for items uploaded to Lync 2013 web conferences by attendees connected using either a Windows Lync client or Lync Web App. Lync Client Any Lync clients which connect to a multi-party conference hosted on a Lync 2013 Front End server will only be allowed to […]

Lync 2013 Client Autodiscover

December 1, 2012 by · 86 Comments 

A recent NextHop article explains in some detail the fact that the new Windows Store Lync client only supports the newer Lync Autodiscovery method for locating a Lync registrar to sign-in to the environment. This article shows how to verify and test the automatic sign-in behavior of various Lync clients in an environment by showing […]

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